Huge Fashion Trends That Should Go Away In 2016

Fashion and trends go together like bread and butter, but often without the lasting power. In fact, 2015 saw some high level sartorial statements that should definitely be cut short come 2016.

For instance, this past year has been a time when modesty has gone out the window in a lot of cases, especially on the runway and on the bodies of many celebrities who have shown excessive skin. There were sheer panels on all kinds of garments, showing off nipples (and begging for nip slips) as well as showing off butts, big, small and in-between.

To be sure, that trend has gone too far, especially when adopted by young girls who are still in their teens. So go away, nudity in fashion. And don’t come back again, please.

Photo source: Pinterest

While you should cover your body, please stop covering your personal temple with patterned pants. These bold alternatives to solid colors may grab attention, but, for the most part, they just don’t look great no matter how skinny your legs may be. This choice is also one that is hard to forget so if you did adopt the trend in 2015, and try to wear that garment in 2016, you’ll be spotted in the repeat look that was never appealing in the first place.

Another trend that should retreat from all wardrobes is the one where the arms are held down at the shoulders. Although this look is kind of cool, it is a tough look to pull off in terms of being at all comfortable.

In fact, if you pick the trend, you won’t be able to raise you arms. This is so while wearing, say, a wrap wound tightly around your upper body. This also means that when you turn that part of your torso the wrong way, you could actually get hurt. Can we all say next as far as this fashion foible is concerned?